Local History Database: About

Who is involved? The Ontario Genealogical Society, Norfolk County Branch in partnership with the Norfolk County Public Library. Funded by the Government of Ontario.

What has been digitized? The Ontario Genealogical Society, Norfolk County Branch currently owns over 12,000 items (books, articles, pictures, etc), housed at Norfolk County Public Library, Canadiana Room. Certain historical material in both the OGS and NCPL library collections have been digitized and the originals protected. The first phase is currently available, but this is an ongoing project and more material will be made available at a later date.

When will the Local History Database be available on dev.atmwebdesign.ca/ncpl? The first phase of our Local History Database is finally available. When you click on the “Search” icon on our homepage, you will find a  “Local History Search” engine, located below the standard “Catalogue Search.” From there, you can perform a “Local History Simple Search” or a “Local History Advanced Search.” Try it out today by clicking here!

Ontario Government

 The support of the Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, is acknowledged.