Art Displays

We have wall space available in our Port Dover, Port Rowan, Simcoe and Waterford Branches for the display of artwork. If you would like to show your work in a Norfolk County Public Library Branch, please contact us at 519-426-3506.

Port Dover Branch
July: Gail Harrington

Gail enjoyed drawing and painting as a child growing up in Norfolk County. As an adult, she took watercolor courses from many different artists in Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto as her career in healthcare and human resources took her across Canada. Since retiring over 15 years ago, she has continued to take classes from local artists in Simcoe and Port Dover. As she has a passion for the natural world – from birdwatching to mushroom and plant identification- many of her subjects are of flora and fauna in the the locales in which she finds herself. Most of the bird paintings displayed are of local birds that either migrate through, or nest in, Norfolk County. For Gail, watercolour painting provides the opportunity to experiment with colour, shape and images that are relaxing yet appealing. She enjoys the challenge that the medium provides in trying to capture visual images.

Gail Harrington art


Port Rowan Branch

July: The Artists By the Bay

The Artists by the Bay is a group of about 7 – 12 artists who meet informally every second Wednesday at St. John’s Anglican church at 1pm. for an afternoon of art. After experimenting with different art forms each week, the group will go for chicken wings and a good time is had by all. For more information please call Inga at 519-875-5601.

Robin Barber

Simcoe Branch

July: Lilian (Lee) Trost

After a varied career in teaching, Lilian discovered the time she always wanted to pursue her love of painting. She moved back to her native Norfolk and began painting with the Artist’s Workshop in Simcoe, a small group in Port Dover and her own studio. She has loved the Group of Seven ever since she first saw the Red Maple by A.Y. Jackson. This display is a homage to their art and the spirit of Canada’s North Country.

Waterford Branch

July: Mae Mulkins

Mae Mulkins paints under her maiden name M. Ingraham.She has painted for several years now and is self-taught. Mae has an appreciation and love of nature and paints landscapes, birds, etc., in oils and acrylics. She has been a member of the Artist Workshop in Simcoe for many years and has exhibited her works in the Norfolk and surrounding area on many occasions. Mae Mulkins is sharing the Waterford Library art exhibit space with Sherry Newton this month.

Sherry Newton

Sherry Newton always enjoyed drawing and sketching and her desire to paint was number one on my retirement bucket list. This is when she decided to take a few drawing and painting lessons and enrolled in some drawing lessons at the Hamilton Art Gallery and a watercolour course at the Dundas Valley School of Art. After several sessions with Gertrude “Gertie” Hawkutt of Hamilton every week once or twice for 3 years, Sherry was on her way. Newton moved to Waterford in 2004 and became a member of the Artist Workshop in Simcoe and from there has taken many classes offered by local arts and crafts people, all wonderful artists near to home and from afar. Sherry has been learning steadily in a variety of mediums including pen and ink, acrylics, watercolors, pastels and oils, etc., oils being my current and favored medium.

Her paintings are from still life or photograph, either of her own or shared by others; such as landscape, scenery, animals, trees and flowers, etc., and some from her own imagination. Some of Sherry’s work is on display in her home or in the homes of family and friends.