April is Poetry Month

To celebrate Poetry Month, NCPL is encouraging everyone to become a poet by creating a Book Spine poem. Select and stack several books, read the titles in order and a poem is born. Then post a photo on Facebook and share with the world.

Check out the displays of poetry at each Branch as well, for inspiration and enjoyment.

Four Steps to Create Book Spine Poetry

Step 1: Browse book spines and choose one or two that spark your interest or that speak to you.

Step 2: Find other book spines that complement your first choice.

Step 3: Play with combinations of spines. Put your poem together like a puzzle and explore how changing the order changes the meaning of your poem.

Step 4: Read your poem aloud. When it sounds right, snap a photo of your completed poem and submit to the NCPL, or post on social media.

There will be a random draw of all entries at the end of the month.