Mystery Quilt 2017

If you like to quilt, are new to quilting or just want to try your hand at a new crafting experience, this is the Canada 150 event for you! Each week you will receive step by step instructions on creating a 60″ x 72″ quilt. You will be given instructions but no photo, diagram, or idea of what the finished quilt top will look like. You will receive instructions on the amount of fabric to buy and the shades to pick, but after that it is a mystery.

The weekly instructions will be updated on Mondays, you may always go back to previous instructions but not go ahead. The instructions are available online or in print at the library. Have fun with your project and good luck. Please feel free to send the library photos of your progress through our Facebook or email accounts too.

The library also has a wide selection of books on how to quilt and other crafting how to books for your use.

Mystery Quilt Week 1
Mystery Quilt Week 2
Mystery Quilt Week 3
Mystery Quilt Week 4
Mystery Quilt Week 5
Mystery Quilt Week 6
Mystery Quilt Week 7
Mystery Quilt Week 8