One Novel One Norfolk starts Now

We’re excited to announce One Novel One Norfolk, a new program that encourages everyone to read or listen to a book together.

Step 1: Register – This can be done below, or at any of the five NCPL Branches by calling or dropping in. Give us your name and contact information and the Library will let you know about all the upcoming events.

Step 2 :Read “True Confessions from the Ninth Concessions” by Dan Needles. If you don’t have a copy of your own, copies can be borrowed from NCPL

Step 3: Join in a scheduled event (more details will be available at your local branch).

  •  January: ‘Speakers’ Corner’ tell us about your humourous rural story or an agricultural marvel that happened in Norfolk County.
  • January – Join a “True Confessions” conversation circle and share your favourite anecdote.
  • February: Write a letter to the editor workshop. Walt Wingfield is the author’s alter ego, now famous in story and play. Write a letter to the editor worthy of Wingfield Farm.
  • February; Share just one story from the book with a neighbour, friend, schoolmate, or social group
  • March: Attend Achievement Day and celebrate the  One Novel One Norfolk success!

Step 4: Have fun sharing the love of reading with others!

One Novel One Norfolk Registration