Write for Fun

All Branches

Download the Write For Fun Entry Form or pick one up at any NCPL Branch.

Submissions of original poetry and/or short stories are eligible. All entries must be brought to the Library.

There are age categories for those ages 9 through adult and cash prizes too. Deadline for submissions is April 26, 2018

Contest Rules

*A valid active Norfolk County Public Library membership card in good standing is a requirement to enter.

*Submit your own original work, which has not been published before.

* You must be in one of the following age categories: 9-12 years, 13-15 years, 16-18 years, 19 years or older

*Your age, as of the deadline date for the contest, determines your age category

*Limit:  Two entries per person in any category are allowed.

However you will only be entitled to claim one prize per category.

*No withdrawals will be processed once writing has been submitted.

  • Short Stories: Must not exceed 2500 words, must be typed and double-spaced, pages numbered in the upper right hand corner (All age categories.)
  • Poems: May be any length, must be typed and double-spaced, pages numbered in the upper right hand corner (All age categories.)
  • All winning entries must be available to be submitted in electronic format UPON REQUEST
  • Deadline for submission: Thursday April 26, 2018

How To Enter

  • Use a separate entry form for each submission.
  • Obtain form at any one of the Branches of the Norfolk County Public Library, or download a form from the Norfolk County Public Library website ncpl.ca
  • Record the age you will be as of the contest deadline date (April 26, 2018).
  • Do not put your name anywhere on the original work you are submitting.
  • Keep your receipt stub. Do not use e-mail, courier or postal services.
  • Submit entry in person to any NCPL library branch.


  • Judges will be selected from the community including writers, teachers or journalists.  Criteria will be standardized for all entries. Entries will be judged on creativity, clarity, originality and technical skill. The decision of the judges will be final.
  • The Write for Fun Judges retain the right to withhold the awarding of prizes if the quality of work does not meet a minimum standard set by the contest organizers.
  • A number will be assigned to each entry before judging begins. An entry will be disqualified if contestants’ name appears on the page(s) containing the short story or poem.
  • Signing the entry form will be deemed authorization to publish and distribute entries, promote winners, print photos of winners in local media or library publications, and produce and distribute taped copies of winning entries.

Promotion and Advertising

Contestants winning selections may be published or distributed as follows:

  • On the Norfolk County Public Library web site, located at  www.ncpl.ca
  • In local newspapers, either in full, or as press releases announcing winners
  • On radio or on local television, or taped and distributed in local libraries
  • On bulletin boards in five branches of the public library
  • Photos of winners may also be used by other local media and publicity, such as during Contest Awards Event and related events.
  • All first place prizewinners will be asked to read aloud their submissions at the awards night.


Thank You

To all contestants participating in the Write for Fun Contest 2018