Homebound Services

The Norfolk County Public Library (NCPL) is reaching out to all citizens who are confined to their homes, or are in an assisted care or long term care facility. Homebound service will provide library materials that will enhance their quality of life and promote the joy of life long learning. This service is available for all ages and is provided free to those who meet the requirements of the programme. Long term, short term and seasonal services are available. Information and applications for Homebound service is available at all branches or by contacting the coordinator at the Simcoe Branch.

Who is Eligible?

If you are a resident of Norfolk County you are eligible for service. You must also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have a chronic physical condition that prohibits you from visiting the library.
  • Have a temporary health condition such as bed rest due to surgery or pregnancy which prohibits you from visiting the library
  • A health condition associated with the elderly that makes it unsafe for you to visit the library.

Application Procedure

Applications for Homebound Service are available at all branches of NCPL. When the form has been completed the Homebound co-ordinator will arrange for an interview with the applicant. When the statement of confidentiality has been signed by all parties service will begin. If you are a NCPL card holder your card will be suspended until you return to regular service. Patrons may go on and off the service as necessary. Patrons that are on for a short term will have service needs reviewed on the date stated service would no longer be required. Homebound patrons on for long term will have their service needs reviewed on the application anniversary date.


NCPL is looking for volunteers to assist with this service. You might not need this service but we need you. Please contact the Homebound coordinator at the Simcoe branch.

Types of Service

  • Branch Pick-up: The patron is encouraged to find a family member or friend to pick up the material from the branch. If there is no family member or friend that can assist we will look for a community volunteer. There is no restriction on the types of material available other then the frequency of the visits made by the person doing the pick-up.
  • Books by Mail: Due to Canada Post restrictions only print material (books, paperbacks, magazines) will be mailed using this service.

Loans, Fines and Limitation

Homebound patrons are entitled to all library services with a few exceptions. The patron will be encouraged to take an active part in the selection of their material by including notes for the staff and using the on-line catalogue if available. If material needs to be renewed the patron can do so by calling the library. Inter-library loan service is available for the patron. Homebound branch pick up patrons will be able to arrange with their deliverer and library staff the frequency of service. Patrons receiving service by mail will be restricted to every 21 days. Material on a one or two week loan period will not be available to by mail patrons. A Homebound patron will not accrue fines except on interlibrary loan material and if continuous overdue returns occur. Homebound patrons are responsible for fees associated with lost or damaged items including those lost by Canada Post. By mail patrons will be restricted by the number of items a bag will hold and by limitations set by Canada Post. Homebound staff at each branch and the co-ordinator of Homebound service encourage patrons to contact them with any questions or suggestions.