Audiobooks are a great alternative for enjoying books, especially for busy people. Audiobooks are simply books you can listen to. They typically come on CD’s, so you can enjoy them from any CD player or computer. One advantage of audiobooks is that you can listen to these books while doing something else, such as driving, doing chores or going for a run. Another advantage of this format is that they do not cause eye strain, making them ideal for relaxing after a long day. You can start enjoying the practicality of audiobooks by visiting any Norfolk County Public Library Branch. All 5 Branches have growing audiobook collections, so we truly have something for everything. Through our reserve system, you also have access to our entire audiobook selection, from all Branches.

If you’re looking for even more audiobooks, we offer downloadable audiobooks through 6 different online resources. You can download these audiobooks from anywhere, 24/7, through our website. For more information, please call us or visit any NCPL Branch. We’d be more than happy to help you start enjoying the benefits of listening to audiobooks today.